Have an idea in your head, but just don’t know how to explain it? Want creative freedom over your t-shirt design, but don’t have the software? Then FIG’s Control Room is perfect for you.

Using our Control Room Designer can accelerate the order process by having the artwork ready for a faster more detailed quote. Layout the clipart and fonts and launch it on over to FIG and we’ll set your project into motion.

FIG’s Control Room is fun and easy, too! This is your special project and you can experiment using several of our design options crezating the perfect formula for your very own custom t-shirt.

One small step for t-shirts, one giant leap for graphic design.

There are 4 Simple Control Room Steps

1. Simply choose your garment and it's color.
2. Add your text by choosing one of our many fonts.
3. Add clipart.
4. Save and launch along with your detailed order information.